Taking care of your residents and your city

Your one-stop urban transformation shop

Verso Altima Digital’s platform offers an intelligent and efficient solution to help your city become green and sustainable while positively transforming the lives of your residents.

Safe City

Make your city safer

From traveling safely by car or walking well-lit streets at night, improve security and reduce crime with video surveillance, emergency response systems, and traffic management systems that prioritize pedestrian safety.

Smart Parks

Your green spaces can be smart places

Unite the beauty of nature with the convenience of technology together with smart benches, Wi-Fi hotspots, interactive kiosks, and more.

Advanced Environments

Adapt your city to its environment

Help your city reduce the impact of urbanization on the environment with green infrastructure, energy-efficient buildings, waste management solutions, and more.

Intelligent Mobility

Take the headache out of getting around

Help traffic move smoothly, reduce congestion, and improve safety on the roads with real-time traffic management. From public transit management to smart parking solutions, help your residents get where they need to go.

Data Management

Put data to work for your city

Gather, analyze, and archive all of your city’s data, all in one place, with comprehensive AI insights for planning its next steps.

IoT isn’t just for homes

Get in touch with Verso Altima and learn more about the future of sustainable and smart urban planning with our all-in-one solutions.


Connected, safe, and convenient cities

Transform your city into a sustainable and connected hub with innovative solutions for public safety, time-saving transport solutions, and much more.


Sustainably green urban solutions

Improve your city’s infrastructure and your residents’s quality of life with planet-friendly urban planning solutions.


Plan your city’s future with data

Make your data work for you. Discover new areas for optimization, tweak existing solutions, and learn from successful implementations.

How it works?

Connect Your City’s Smart Spaces

Verso Altima Digital can bring your city into the future, from sensors, data collection, and storage to comprehensive dashboards, AI insights, and more.

Data Collection

Gather insightful urban data from IoT devices like cameras, Wi-Fi, lighting, traffic stops, and more.

Data Storage

Safely manage your data in the cloud, publicly, privately, or on-premises.

AI Insights

Act with AI driven predictive and prescriptive analytics, video, dashboards, and automated workflows, and more.

IoT isn’t just for homes

Get in touch with Verso Altima and learn more about the future of sustainable and smart urban planning with our all-in-one solutions.

Our process

How we ensure successful partnerships


When we work with partners, we want to make sure that we understand what they’re already doing. So, we talk to them to learn about their existing applications or ideas. This helps us come up with ideas that will work well for everyone involved.


When working with partners, we help create, change, or improve their design so that it’s better suited for delivery. By working together, we can make sure that their design is optimized for production.


We want to make sure that everything is working the way it should. So, we support clients by doing POC (proof of concept) or validation testing. This helps us make sure that their solution is doing what it’s supposed to do.


Once the solution has passed testing, we can help you deploy it at scale on our cloud delivery system, allowing easy access for anyone who needs it.


We’ll help keep an eye on how well the implementation is working, its use, and how stable it is. With predictive maintenance, we can make sure everything is running smoothly and catch potential problems before they become bigger issues.


Every successful implementation requires iteration. We help clients with new app deployment, software optimizations and configurations to retain customers, keep them interested, and expand engagement.

About us

Who we are. What we do.

Verso Altima has helped 170+ customers across 50 countries on their path to digital transformation since 2002. Today, the company has 120 employees in Europe and the United States.

Verso Altima offers solutions and products in the smart city market, including:

  • Connected, smart spaces
  • Billing and revenue management
  • ICT/NW infrastructure and services
  • Digital transformation

Verso Altima is also a member of Best in Parking AG, a leading developer, owner, and operator of parking and mobility infrastructure in Central and Southeastern Europe.

170+ Customers

50 Countries

20+ Years of Experience